Create Radius Around Pins

Mapize’s Radius tool allows you to set a boundary around any point/location on your map using a specified distance radius.

Identify a starting point on your map, specify the distance radius from this point, and Mapize will create the radius around it. 

Use the Radius tool to locate other points/markers, to determine distances with a given drive time, or where you can travel within a given radius.


Mapize’s Radius Tool

Draw a radius circle around any location on your map, in miles or kilometers, to determine distances between any point within the radius, where certain points or markers are within the radius, and how many points or markers of interest can be found within a predefined radius. 

Create a radius around pins in a few simple steps:

  1. If you haven’t done so yet, create your interactive map using Mapize’s map creation software. Simply copy and paste your raw map data into Mapize’s map creation box. Follow the steps until you have your live map. 
  2. On your live map, click the “Radius” button, which you’ll find at the bottom. 
  3. Right-click on the marker or point on your map where you want to start. This will be the center of your radius. 
  4. Click “Add radius.”
  5. Verify that the starting location is correct. Set the radius distance (Range in Miles). Choose your preferred fill color and border color. 
  6. Click “Set radius.” 

Create your interactive map now and give Mapize’s Radius tool a go! <LINK>