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Geo-code rate: 1x
Maximum Pins Per Map: 150
Unique groups (marker colors): 7
Number of Maps: 20 a day
Pro +

per month
14 day money back guarantee

Geo-code rate: 10-12x
Maximum Pins Per Map: 35,000
Maximum Geocodes per month: 60,000
Unique groups (marker colors): 20
Number of Maps: No Limit

Pro Features:


Password protect any map so only users you want to access can access.

Export Options

Choose from 4 export options including PDF, printing, KML, and embedding. Sharing your map has never been easier.

Heat Map Tool

Use our heat map tool to visualize clusters and density in your map. This can help you identify hot or cold points in your data.

Data Selection And Optimization

Use our drawing, selection, and measurement tools to select and move through your data clearly and visually.

Data & Groups

Map thousands of data / location points with unlimited colors and marker choices. Group data and display data with our advanced tools.

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