Demographics / Census Mapping

Add depth to and create an enhanced perspective of your map when you incorporate U.S. census data into it. You don’t need to update your map data with the latest census data. Mapize can automatically provide the information you need for any specified area, such as census data on population, race, age, education/academic levels, household income levels, and many more. 

Get more insights about any area on your map using Mapize’s demographic map tool. 

Create your customized demographic map using your selected demographic data and plot them according to zip codes, cities, counties, states, or congressional districts. 

Use your demographic map to identify your established/profitable territories, target areas and areas of potential interest, or customer behavior trends that can reveal opportunities or help you modify and optimize your business strategies. 

Demographic mapping is beneficial when planning marketing campaigns, generating potential leads, expanding sales territories, or evaluating business performance. 


Available Demographics/Census Date

Mapize can provide demographic data on the following — sourced directly from the U.S. Census Bureau:


  • Population numbers
  • Race
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Citizenship status
  • Education
  • Household income levels
  • Housing
  • Labor
Demographic Maps - Customization
  • Identify and mark areas of interest based on your target demographic/s. 
  • Customize demographic target areas using Mapize’s customization tools, such as Heat Map mode, Cluster, and Radius. 
  • Adjust your demographic target area/s any time as new data become available or as your needs change. 
  • Export or print your demographic map.

You Can Use your Demographic Map in Many Ways

  • Plan and customize marketing campaigns based on an analysis of your demographic data. 
  • Identify your target population. 
  • Find out your business/brand performance based on customer behaviors and other trends. 
  • Customize your offerings and strategies to take advantage of demographic data insights. 

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