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Yes, if you are a Venture Capital fund, a Business Angel, a Consulting firm, a Database of ‘Ideators’, a Blogger, an Event or Conference, a Public or Private Incubator or Cluster, a problem solving platform etc. … willing to promote the ‘Ideators’ you detected, admire or support.


    The Open Innovation Map

    The Open Innovation Map is a platform designed to visualize key players in the field of Open Innovation as well as new creative ecosystems and multi-industry companies on a world scale.

    The project aims to put together the OI players and highlight their projects and initiatives. The UGC (User-Generated Content) feature enables users to join the OIM database by subscribing to the project, and then create a network with other participants. The project database is presented in two views: the map geolocating key players in open innovation (startups, developers, experts, clusters, public/private research laboratories etc.) and the catalog including detailed information about each mapped player.

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