How to Share Your Map

After creating your beautifully detailed interactive map using Mapize, it’s time to display and share it. Mapize offers several ways to do this. 

Choose who can view your map. Customize the interactive features other people can use when viewing your map. Share the amazing insights revealed by your map when you do a business presentation. Maximize your map’s full potential by displaying it on your website or by sharing it with select people or with the public.



Change/Customize Your Map's Privacy Settings

You can make your map available to the public; set it to private and only share your map’s unique URL with select individuals; or make use of Mapize’s password protection feature to further limit access and keep all your data secure. 

Embed Your Map On Your Website

When you create your interactive map, an embed code will be automatically generated so you can easily embed the map on your website. Enhance your users’ experience by enabling the Locator box so they can filter results or do a location search. Choose which insights your website visitors can view by utilizing Mapize’s many customization tools, such as grouping, clusters, and heat map.

Export or Print Your Map

Export your map as a PDF, KML, or image. Print it with or without data. Have a customized copy of your map, showing all the information you need, so you can use it in a presentation or meeting, for your personal reference, or just so you have a hard copy. 

Take Advantage of Your Map's Full potential

  • Set your map’s view settings to “Public” to allow anyone with your link to access the map; it will also show up in search engines.
  • Set your map’s view settings to “Private” to allow only those who have your map’s URL to access your map. Your map will not show up anywhere on our site. 
  • Make use of password protection to keep your data secure. 
  • Enable or disable the Locator tool when embedding your map to show/hide the search box in the title bar. The Locator tool can be used to filter results, or find the nearest point to any given location.
  • Choose your preferred Render Method, i.e., map + data or map only. 
  • Select your preferred Map Mode.

How to Embed Your Map

  1. Open your map and click “Edit Map.”
  2. On the Edit Map page, scroll down until you find the Embed Code. 
  3. Click on “Copy Code.”
  4. Paste the code into your website.

Export or Print Your Map

  1. Open your live map. 
  2. Hover on “Print” on the upper right corner and select either printing “With Data” or “Without Data.”
  3. Alternatively, you can click on the “Export” button beside the “Print” button. Select the file type you prefer: PDF, KML, or image. 

Create your interactive map now!

Share your map with just a few clicks! Copy your map’s unique URL and send it to anyone via email or instant messaging, or post it on social media.