Map Plotting With Multiple Locations

Whether you need directions to multiple locations for yourself or need to plot multiple locations on a map for your website, Mapize’s mapping software will make sure that you can easily navigate through the task – in every sense of the phrase!

Find your way to multiple locations in three, simple steps:

  1. Arrange your location data on a spreadsheet.
  2. Copy all the data and paste it into Mapize’s location data box, which you’ll conveniently find on the homepage.
  3. Click on the “Create a New Map” button.

That’s all there is to it! Give your map a title and a description to save it, and provide your email address so you can receive a link to your map!

Mapize’s Mapping Tools Let You:

  • Find directions to multiple locations. 
  • Plot all corresponding routes. 
  • Determine the best possible route from any starting point to a specific destination.
Mapize Is Google Maps Compatible
  • We use no less than Google Maps advanced mapping capabilities to help you generate an accurate map and correctly plot all relevant coordinates. 
  • You can easily map out various locations using only partial addresses, the name of a city or state, or zip codes.
Map Customization
  • You can have your map only show specific areas of interest and hide the rest to minimize distractions. 
  • Make use of the grouping and filtering features to narrow down your target locations and simplify connections between two or more points.
In-Proximity Store Locator
  • Mapize’s store locator software limits results to stores or businesses that are in proximity to the addresses you have entered for your map. 
  • Your choices are automatically narrowed down to those that are nearest to you when you search for a business address. 

Multiple Location Plotting - Free

  • Mapize’s free access allows you to create a map with up to 250 locations! 
  • Advanced mapping features are available at competitive rates.


Scale Precision

Plot between 10 and 100,000 locations on your map and Mapize’s intelligent tools will efficiently take care of the scaling. Mapize is capable of handling a wide variety of data sets and sizes with dependable precision.

Google Technology

We utilize Google’s mapping technology to power our geo-functions and ensure cutting-edge algorithms, reliable global coverage, and exceptional performance.

Customized Shareability

Let others enjoy the amazing convenience of your map. Display and share it the way you want – choose what details on your map you want to be viewable and which ones you want hidden.

Modified Features

Customize your map based on your preferences or needs, or for the convenience of your site visitors. Make use of our customization and editing tools to create and update your map as you see fit. You can control your map to:

  • Customize map markers
  • Set your preferred default map view
  • Select your map style
Intelligent And Intuitive

Mapize’s intelligent and intuitive algorithms will do practically all the work for you. Our tools are easy to use, our interface is uncomplicated, so that you can create a decent interactive map from scratch with zero coding knowledge.

Efficient Plotting Capabilities

Mapize makes it convenient for you to plot multiple locations, geocode addresses, and set your preferred privacy limits – no code-writing required! Our technology does all the complicated work; all you have to do is provide the key elements to create your map. 

We guarantee that you won’t get lost trying to plot addresses on your interactive map – it’s as easy as making a few clicks! Generate a dependable map you’ll be proud to share with the public or just a select number of people. 

There are no how-to manuals you need to learn or programming or mathematical skills you need to acquire. Give it a go right here and now with Mapize’s easy-peasy trial! Ready? 

  • Input all your relevant location data into a spreadsheet. 
  • Select the content (Ctrl + A), copy the content (Ctrl + C), and paste it (Ctrl + V) into our location data box. 
  • You have the option to validate your data first using our “Validate and Set” function. 
  • You can also make use of other map customization tools via the “Advanced” feature within the “Validate and Set” option. 
  • Click on the “Map Now” button. Mapize takes over from here and will initiate the geocoding process. 
  • You will be prompted to give your map a name and description (optional) and to provide your email address. 
  • Click on the “Save Map” button when it pops up. 

And, voila! You’ll receive a link to your interactive map in your mailbox and you can start using it, displaying it, and updating it as you wish. Here are some more awesome mapping features you can use to modify your map and make it as detailed and user-friendly as possible.

Smart Mapping Tool

Mapize’s smart mapping technology will do all the complex navigation – pun intended – using the coordinates, addresses, and other location data you provide. 

Imagine having a personal, friendly, and expert assistant that will efficiently perform all sophisticated mapping tasks, such as plotting multiple points, calculating distances, evaluating and optimizing routes, and basically making sure you reach your destination without getting lost! 

Enjoy the convenient accessibility of a cloud-based map, powered by nothing less than Google Maps technology. An updated backup copy is always readily available and safely stored in our server, and which you can access through any device. You can also take advantage of Mapize’s various analytical tools to give you deeper insights into your data and relevant trends.

Feel Free To Look Through Our Toolkit

We have assembled smart and nifty tools that will make it so easy for you to create exactly the kind of map you need. Mapize is more than just about plotting coordinates on a map. We provide the tools that let you take full control of the map creation and editing process so that the finished product fits your preferences to a T and serves its purposes perfectly.

What’s Inside Our Toolkit?

Distance Sweep
  • Use the radius or distance sweep tool to determine how far one location is from another on your map. 
  • Calculate the proximity between two or more points on the map, based on a set starting point. 
  • Get a clear visual of how near or far you are or your establishment is from your customers, suppliers, other businesses, and more. Other people, such as your customers, can also use your map for the same function.
Route Optimization
  • Google Maps is a handy navigator that helps you figure out your route options. Mapize makes route optimization even more convenient by keeping distractions, i.e. unnecessary map elements, to a minimum.
Custom Maps Made For You
  • Mapize provides a wide array of options to customize your map. 
  • Alter the overall look, markers, boundaries, and other elements of your map to meet your map’s specific function/s, as well as your own preferences. 
  • Highlight areas of interest; play with the colors and opacity; hide irrelevant details; and so much more.

Special Feature: Two Mapize Stories

Nerdia works in the film industry as a location manager. Google Maps is essential to her responsibilities, as she is in charge of the physical logistics for shoots and acquiring all necessary permissions to access and use certain locations. 

A single shoot often involves mapping out multiple locations – which could be anywhere from five to a hundred – and getting people, props, equipment, etc. to where they need to be, when they need to be there. This means that Nerdia also needs to keep everyone else involved in the loop, and she has to make sure that she provides them with accurate directions so that all other working elements go smoothly as scheduled. 

Any misstep could mean losing a full day of shooting. 

Before she discovered the awesomeness of Mapize, Nerdia used to spend countless hours and lost a lot of sleep plotting and organizing locations on a map. There were a lot of times when she had to find her way through an old-fashioned paper map using pens, pins, post-its, strings, and whatever paraphernalia she needed for smoothly coordinated logistics – which is ironic, considering the complex and confusing mapping involved. 

Other times, she used Excel and different online mapping platforms to “streamline” her work, but the limited features they offered still means long hours of planning location schedules based on distances, routes available, and many other factors. Needless to say, Nerdia often encounters a lot of obstacles, both literal and figurative, in her work. 

And then Mapize came into her life and made her work so much easier and even enjoyable. 

With the smart and convenient tools of Mapize, Nerdia is able to plot multiple locations faster with just a few clicks; get a good visual and accurate calculations of distances between locations; assess location parameters; highlight important areas, and share the information with those involved. She can even print relevant sections so her colleagues can have a convenient, physical reference. 

With her obstacles kept to a minimum, Nerdia’s stress levels were significantly reduced, and this means that she was happier with her work and performed more efficiently. With the help of Mapize, Nerdia was able to guarantee that daily production schedules flowed smoothly, which meant that all the other cogs in the production machine could also perform their responsibilities efficiently.  

Now here’s the story of Kennedy, a consultant for a lucrative startup whose main job involves finding new opportunities. 

On a typical day, Kennedy searches for prospects and potential marketing locations; this also involves plotting individual locations on Google Maps, finding the best routes, and organizing site visits for inspection. 

Fortunately for Kennedy, he discovered Mapize. 

With Mapize’s Direction Tool, Kennedy is able to more easily optimize routes for various locations and from different and even changing, starting points on the map. If a client or a superior has a sudden change in plans and has to come from an address different from what was originally planned, Kennedy can quickly make the necessary changes and still provide the best possible route to the desired destination. 

Kennedy also uses Mapize’s grouping feature to quickly identify specific areas of interest, i.e. areas that offer opportunities and areas that may be a competitive threat. 

With his improved efficiency, Kennedy has become invaluable to his company, and to many clients as well. He is also able to devote more time to his family. 

Start Your Mapping Journey With Mapize Today!

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